Bartolomucci Lab
University of Minnesota

Departments, centers and training programs at the UofM

Meetings organized and committee member

  • Neuroscience of Diabetes”, symposium at Biannual Meeting of the Italian Society for Neuroscience, Rome, Italy October 3-5 2013. Symposium Chair.

  • Tenth International Catecholamine Symposium (XICS), Pacific Grove, California, September 9-13/2012

  • “Eatingbehaviour and obesity’.Workshop of the European Behavioral Pharmacology Society. September 7-9, 2012. Lecce, Italy. Organizing committee member.

  • The Obese Species Workshop - Erice, Italy, October 21-26/2011. Lead Organizer and co-director.

  • Stress induced depression and comorbidities: from bench to bedside” symposium organized at the Biannual Meeting of the Italian Society for Neuroscience, Verona, Italy September 2007. Symposium Chair.

Journals (Ed. board member)

Special issues (Guest editor)